Virtual Events in the Metaverse

It is becoming increasingly common for us to talk about the Metaverse, to the point where it has become part of our daily conversation. However, there are still many questions surrounding it: What is the Metaverse? How can we access it? And how can we hold virtual events in the Metaverse?
Therefore, below are the most important points that will help us describe the Metaverse and its great functionality for hosting virtual events.

What is this post about?

  1. What is the Metaverse?
  2. What is the Metaverse for?
  3. Examples of the Metaverse
  4. How to enter the Metaverse?
  5. Virtual Events in the Metaverse
  6. Advantages of hosting virtual events in the Metaverse

Advantages of hosting virtual events in the Metaverse 

What is the Metaverse?

Although it may be a somewhat abstract concept, the Metaverse is basically a virtual world that we can access from different devices and that allows us to interact with other users in an immersive experience that seeks to emulate the behavior and interactivity that we experience in the real world. In a way, the Metaverse is conceived as a new alternate reality, seen as the evolution of the Internet, a new step forward in interactivity as we know it today, where we can meet people, make transactions, buy, sell, learn, and so on. The possibilities can be endless.

It is important to clarify that some concepts and functionalities of the Metaverse are still in the development phase, so in the coming months we will learn more about everything we can do within this alternate reality. Therefore, we can synthesize that the Metaverse is a virtual universe where we can interact and that has been created to resemble an alternate reality.

What is the Metaverse for?

The Metaverse is the great leap in the evolution of the Internet, so to answer the question “What is the Metaverse for?” we can start by saying that it serves to do everything we already do on the Internet, but in an evolved and immersive experience.

However, it is still too early to know and understand all the functionalities of the Metaverse. Companies like Facebook (now Meta) are already starting to create the infrastructure for their first virtual world and providing hints about what we will be able to do.

Therefore, the Metaverse offers us the potential opportunity to create our own businesses, a virtual location where we can receive interested and potential customers, all from our electronic devices. Likewise, the Metaverse can have its own economy, with some type of virtual currency, such as cryptocurrencies, which is valid in this universe and can generate its own interests or backing, that is, everything related to blockchain.

This Metaverse economy translates into all the business and employment opportunities that it offers us, since within this virtual universe we will need to customize our environments, the look and clothing of our avatar, among others. All of these functionalities must be developed, so it represents a perfect opportunity to create or design those components and sell them within the Metaverse.

Likewise, we will need people who can take care of the interactions within the digital world, for example: If we create our virtual store in the Metaverse, we will need people who can connect and attend to the requests of our customers.

Some of the jobs that can be created in the Metaverse are: Metaverse Research Scientist, Metaverse Planner, Ecosystem Developer, or Metaverse Cybersecurity, among many others. And of course, one of the main functionalities of the Metaverse is the ability to interact with users in a more real way. It is important to emphasize that one of the most human components of the Internet is the one that has allowed us to connect with friends and family, no matter how far away they are, so the Metaverse cannot be the exception.

Examples of the Metaverse

For many years we have been in contact with virtual spaces that constitute a form of the Metaverse. We can mention, for example, virtual reality games such as “Second Life” or “The Sims”, simulators, or software that serve as training for airplane pilots, among others.

Now, as other examples of the Metaverse, we can mention some that are in full development or have been recently launched:

Firstly, we have Decentraland and Sandbox, both virtual worlds based on blockchain economy where users can make transactions within the platform.

Virtway Events is a platform where we can create virtual spaces to hold events where users can connect, create their own avatar, and interact in real-time with other users. This allows brands to create attractive environments for their potential customers.

At KMJK we are certified partners of Virtway Events for Latam, which allows us to organize virtual events in the Metaverse.

You can request a free demo for your next virtual event.

On the other hand, in 2019, Louis Vuitton already partnered with Riot Games to create original masks and a fashion collection for the game League of Legends (LOL).

Likewise, in 2020, Balenciaga launched its Autumn collection as if it were a video game, which they called Afterworld. Finally, Zara has also moved to the virtual space and created a clothing collection for the digital avatars of the Zepeto Metaverse.

Another clear example of the Metaverse is virtual concerts, these platforms allow us to attend musical concerts from our homes.

How to enter the Metaverse?

To enter the Metaverse, we must first define which Metaverse we are interested in entering, and for this, there will be different ways, devices, and opportunities to do so.

One of the most direct ways we can enter the Metaverse is as a virtual event attendee. Many brands, companies, and organizations are already holding digital events within various Metaverses, where we can enter from our computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Now, for the immersive experience, we often need the right devices, such as virtual reality glasses, but this won’t always be limiting to the experience within the Metaverse.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has announced the launch of its own Metaverse, which is expected to be one of the most global and well-known, so the company is expected to launch an accessible platform for all users, but we still have to wait for that.

Virtual Events in the Metaverse

As a brand or company, what opportunities do we have to create virtual events in the Metaverse? And more importantly, what benefits does it offer?

Well, let’s start with the benefits. Virtual or hybrid events offer us great opportunities to connect with our audience or potential customers in intuitive, attractive, and interactive virtual spaces. That is why holding virtual events in the Metaverse will allow us to offer our users an immersive, attractive, and close-to-reality experience where we can have a better brand representation through playful activities, live conference speakers, among other options we can do within this universe.

Now, how can we create our virtual event in the Metaverse? The main thing is to find a provider who can support us with this task.

At KMJK we are official representatives of Virtway Events, a platform where we can create our own virtual environment within the Metaverse and offer users who connect dozens of options to interact and connect effectively with our products or services.

You can request a free consultation with our team and access a demo to learn about the platform’s features and plan your next virtual event.

Advantages of hosting virtual events in the Metaverse

One of the main advantages of hosting virtual events in the metaverse and other digital spaces in general is the potential to reach thousands of users, as opposed to physical events.

Another advantage is the ability to create attractive spaces that can be accessed from any device, allowing for a closer interaction with our audience. This is particularly interesting for the Generation Z and Millennials.

Furthermore, hosting virtual events allows our brand or company to stay relevant over time and take advantage of all the trends that are gradually growing in the market.